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Official Forum Rules 28/2/12

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Official Forum Rules 28/2/12

Post by Tec on Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:31 pm

Here Are The OFFICIAL Forum Rules As Of 28/2/12:

1.0 - No Advertising Your Sites Like
1.1 - No Spamming The Forums (Repeated Topics)
1.2 - No Sexual Content, This Means NO Naked Girls In Your Avatar ETC
1.3 - No Discussion Of "Hacking" Peoples Xbox PS3 Or Any Other Accounts
1.4 - No Asking For A "Sticky" Topic In A Forum
1.5 - No Asking For Rep Thanks Or Points
1.6 - No Asking For Subs For A "Modded" Lobby
1.7 - No Asking For Gold - Making A Topic Like "Please Gift Me Gold"
1.8 - No Second Accounts
1.9 - No Flaming Or "Trolling"

2.0 - Defuse Hacks Is Not Responsible For Any Mis-Sold Items Or Traded Items
2.1 - Defuse Hacks Staff Have The Right To Issue A Warning And Lock Topics
2.2 - There Shall Be NO Badges Allowed In Signatures Or Avatars Unless You Have Earned It
2.3 - Do Not Post Any Offensive Posts Like Racism Or Hatred
2.4 - All Warnings Handed Out Will Be Recorded And Will Not Be Taken Away
2.5 - Do Not Try To Bypass The Curse Word Block By Putting A Extra Letter Or Anything
2.6 - You Shall Respect ALL Staff Members And Their Rights
2.7 - Any Member Title Can Be Banned A Moderater And Admins Any Other Members Still We Have Penaltys For Their Actions!
2.8 - When A Member Is Banned You Can Be Banned For 1-9999 Days
2.9 - Once A Member Is Banned PM Messages Will Not Be Sent To You And Nobody Will Be Able To See Your Accont Profile Page

3.0 - Thats All

Actions That May Be Taken Up Upon Your Account:

[list]Posting Removal
Avatar Removal
Signature Removal
IP Limits
IP Ban
And More[*]

Thank You

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