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Updated Forum rules As of 15/03/12

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Updated Forum rules As of 15/03/12

Post by Cake on Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:01 pm

If you avoid any of these rules below you may receive warning or even Bans if the issue is extreme.

1.0. Do NOT Ask for badges. Only Administrators are allowed to hand and give permissions to users.

1.2. Do not link to other sites witch are out of Defusehacks. If this is found either in the chatbox or a forum you may receive a warning. If you further advertise/promote other sites and you already have a valid warning you will with no doubts be Banned. (Ban times vary on the seriousness of the problem)

1.3. Multiple accounts will result in IP ban. (Unless granted permission from administrator(s))

1.4. No Spamming The Forums (Repeated Topics)

1.5. No Sexual Content (otherwise known as pornographic content) This Means NO Naked Girls In Your Avatar ETC

1.6. No Discussion Of "Hacking" Peoples Xbox PS3 Or Any Other Accounts

1.7. No under any circumstances are you allowed to ask for your thread to be stickied. ONLY admins may sticky a thread (this depend on whether or not a forum is worthy of this.)

1.8. No Asking For Rep Thanks Or Points

1.9. No Asking For Gold - Making A Topic Like "Please Gift Me Gold"

2.0. No payment method other than PayPal will be tolerated (If a thread starter is asking for payment, you are allowed to post asking for proof.)

2.1. No Flaming Or "Trolling"

Defuse Hacks ToS/Code of conduct/Disclaimer

1.0. Defuse Hacks Is Not Responsible For Any Mis-Sold Items Or Traded Items

1.1. Defuse Hacks Staff Have The Right To Issue A Warning And Lock Topics

1.2. There Shall Be NO Badges Allowed In Signatures Or Avatars Unless You Have Earned It

1.3. Do Not Post Any Offensive Posts Like Racism Or Hatred (You should not be doing this anyway regardless of the issue.)

1.4. All Warnings Handed Out Will Be Recorded And Will Not Be Taken Away (If you take this away we have the right to strip your account and ownership. A.K.A Ban)

1.5. Do Not Try To Bypass The Curse Word Block By Putting A Extra Letter Or Anything

1.6. You Shall Respect ALL Staff Members And Their Rights

1.7. Any Member Title Can Be Banned A Moderater And Admins Any Other Members Still We Have Penaltys For Their Actions!

1.8. When A Member Is Banned You Can Be Banned For 1-9999 Days

1.9. Once A Member Is Banned PM Messages Will Not Be Sent To You And Nobody Will Be Able To See Your Accont Profile Page.

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Administrator Gold Member Developer Shoutbox Moderater Community Manager

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